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Covid19-pandemic vs. Auction schedules

We have decided today concerning the Covid19-official requirements to postpone the Part 1 of our forthcoming auction by some weeks. The catalogue “Book Collection of the Achilles Foundation” will be part of our Spring Auction in May 2021 now. We have to delete these items from the lot-tissimo/salesroom-database for technical reasons. So all auto-bids will be lost and we can only remind all of you by e-mail to enter all bids anew after republishing of the catalogue in April.

Part 2 of our auction and the online-only-lots of this catalogue will be auctioned as scheduled.
All bids for these lots will remain saved and available to the auction. In the Saturday session telephone bidding is possible too.

Auction 22-1 (red catalogue, lots 1–632, „online-only“-lots too) : only in May 2021
Auction 22-2 (blue Katalog, lots 633–1053) : January 16, 4 pm
Auction 22-3 (online-only, selected lots from 634) : January 17, 3 pm

Best regards, and – whatever – a Happy New Year.
Looking forward to meat you again.

Christian Hesse

The Book Collection of the Achilles Foundation

We offer this outstanding collection of German Bookart of the 20th Century in our forthcoming auction.

Selected Preview

Complete catalogue Auction 22-1

Word record in our past Fall Auction

EUR 22,000 hammer-price for Polke’s “Freundinnen”:
World Record Hammer-price (regarding

Marbach First

The hammer-price for the Kafka Manuscript of 150,000 EUR was bid by an American private collector. After the collector noticed that he had “outpaced” the German Literature Archive Marbach as the direct sub-bidder, he decided the night after the auction to pass on his purchase in favor of this institute. In addition, he promotes this takeover by financial compensation of the last bidding step: “The seller should not be the victim of my decision,” wrote the German-born collector.

Ulrich von Bülow, Head of the Marbach Archive, is delighted with this noble gesture. We’ve not experienced something like that in many years, he said.

Hammer-prices of Auction 17