B-215 Patricia Highsmith. Maschinenschriftlicher Brief mit Unterschrift »Pat«.

Moncourt, 27. Dec. 1970. Ein-einhalb Seiten.

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An eine Freundin. – Über einige Reiseplanungen im Januar 1971. – »Today Desmond and I had to fetch PIF, the Ryans’ 4-year-old bird-dog, soidisant, who had been spending 14 days with my Polish farmer friends in Montmachoux [Highsmiths Wohnsitz bis November 1970]. […] Desmond absorbed a Polish schanps [sic!] chez my friends, and we stopped for a grog (rum) on the way home. […] I will bring you some French stationery. Tellme if you would like anything else. […] Limerick by Dylan Thomas: The last time I slept with the Queen, She said as I murmured ›Ich dien,‹ ›Would you please put the light out. It’s Royalty’s night out, And a Queen may be had but not seen. I will tell you my limerick when I see you, based on a story by Desmond. With love, Pat«.

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