B-216 Patricia Highsmith. Maschinenschriftlicher Brief mit Unterschrift »Pat«.

Moncourt, 7 Dec. 1973. Ein-einhalb Seiten.

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An eine Freundin. – »I got home safely, a bit tired as usual. Not too much post, a good thing. I do thank you for buying the bacon and Angostura at the last minute. […] Had a ring from Barbara Comerford in Rome. […] I have no plans, other than going to Lot (France) for Christmas. I’d gladly visit Barbara Comerford, but her son is there, and he doesn’t even like Xmas, he is merely there, to see what he will receive as gifts. […] Wish we could have gone to one more film: the Godfather. I send you much love, and gratitude for many things, including the macaroni cheese. Pat«.

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