Preview of auction 24: Colored and with “Collage signature” by Kurt Schwitters

Kurt Schwitters and Käte Steinitz. Das Märchen vom Paradies. Hannover 1924.

Preview of auction 24: Max Beckmann’s “Jahrmarkt” on Japan

Max Beckmann’s third large graphic series in the special edition on Japanese paper.

Preview of auction 24: Berlewi’s “Mechano”

Prospekt “Biura Reklama Mechano”. Warsaw 1924. Design: Henryk Berlewi

Preview of auction 24: Goethe’s “Faust” with etchings by Salvadore Dali

Goethe, Faust, trad. de Nerval. Geneva 1969. With 21 etchings.

Review of auction 23: Binding by Ignatz Wiemeler

Julius Rodenberg. In der Schmiede der Schrift. 1940.

Review of auction 23: One of 300 luxury copies

R. M. Rilke. Duino Elegies. Leipzig 1923

Review of auction 23: In blue seal leather

Harry Graf Kessler had 25 copies of his first press print bound in blue seal leather to give to friends. – Collection Achilles Foundation Hamburg.

Review of auction 23: Christian Scheffler estate, Königstein

Pierre Reverdy. Le chant des morts. Paris 1948. With lithographs by Picasso. Cassette: Thomas Zwang


Christian Hesse Auctions

Preview auction 23: An insight into the times long before the Eurotunnel and Brexit

Georg Kolbe (1902-1934). Dover-Calais. Watercolor, around 1925. Signed. 16:16 cm. On the stretch between Calais and Dover, on which the Eurotunnel only extended many years later, there is chaotic traffic. Shipping traffic and irritated fish remain in waiting.


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